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Customer Reach

Customer Reach is a complete system to grow your business online and offline. Within Customer Reach, we have 7 modules. VIP, Loyalty, Celebration (Birthday Club), Contest, Survey, Social, and Referral.

Each module on its own gives you great results or they can complement each other to give you a complete marketing system.

Customer Reach


Premium gives you everything, VIP, Loyalty, Birthday, Contest, Referral, Social, and Survey systems. They all work hand in hand but can also work on their own. This is the best value by far.

VIP Club

Generates a list of existing customers and generates new customers so that you can market to them with specials and discounts any time you need to get traffic in your business.


Encourages more business engagement, visits, and spending. Helps to increase your revenue more and more every month

Birthday Club

Collect your customer's Birthday and Anniversary (anniversary can be any important date in their life) so you have another reason to market to them. Great way to increase revenue without being "Salesy"


Get new customers and generate repeat business by having contest weekly or monthly. This also increases sales.


Generate new customers and stay top of mind awareness. Have your customers referring more people constantly. This helps increase you customer base and sales opportunities.


Use social media coupons, ads, and automation to get new customers and repeat customers. Easily increase your social media engagement and make more sales.


Generate customer feedback and generate repeat business from existing customers. Increase positive reviews.

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