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Araje L'Bert, CEO

Experienced local business owner turned agency owner now offers a training program to learn all of the tools and strategies you need to find success in ANY business online.

It may surprise you to learn, it doesn’t matter if you are a plumber or an affiliate marketer, the skills and tools you need to find success online are the same. In this program, you are going to learn how to build a brand, create content, get leads and then turn them into sales.

My Experience

After working for Dow Jones for many years and being a fitness coach, I became a real entrepreneur. I opened up a martial arts school...

Marketing then was different. For many years passing out flyers, doing expensive commercials, and trying to get a radio spot was the way to go. Seeing after a few years it wasn't working as well, I started studying everything I could about marketing.

I used the skills learned to market my own local business. After seeing the success I was having other businesses began to ask me to do the same for them. This is how Ninja Marketing Pro was formed. Knowing how hard it is to learn how to market I decided to create this program to provide everything you need to fast-track your success.

Besides running an agency and a martial arts school, I also provide training and sales for two major international software companies.

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